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Review of VikingBags AXE Medium Motorcycle Backpack.

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

The Viking Bags website describes this backpack as "a terrific bag for your everyday commute thanks to its heavy-duty Cordura construction". Highlights include reflective pipework for increased nighttime visibility, aerodynamic molded body, adjustable sternum and waist straps, a protected laptop compartment, internal organizer for small items, waterproof side pockets, and more.

I was excited to receive this backpack. Not only for the opportunity to review it, but also to own it, as I was in need of a good backpack. Suffice to say, it did not disappoint. The aforementioned highlights are all intact. What really impressed me about the pack though is the high quality material that it is made of. Having a hard shell on the exterior and soft padding where contact with the carrier is made, the backpack is not only durable, but also very comfortable.

Another plus is the look of the pack. Being jet black and shiny gives it a sleek streamlined look. It's the kind of pack Batman would wear. It looks great and I am proud to own one.

The cons of this backpack are few, and to be honest feel a bit nitpicky. The zipper tabs could be a bit larger. Also the sternum and waist straps are not padded. These are two very minor cons and are far overshadowed by the packs pros. In my opinion this backpack is great value for the cost. Which at the time of review is $84.99.

Synopsis of Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • Great looking

    • Durable

    • Water resistant

    • Comfortable

    • Multiple compartments and pockets

    • Lightweight (4 lbs.)

    • Comfortable handle

  • Cons

    • Small zipper tabs

    • Unpadded sternum and waist straps

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