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3 Steps to Help You Decide Whether Cannabis Could Boost Your Workouts.

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

If you’re the type of person who keeps up with health and fitness trends, you may have recently noticed a lot of hype around cannabis products. There are some impressive claims being made throughout the fitness community, which may lead you to wonder whether you should try adding cannabis to your own fitness plan. To help answer that question, as well as any other questions you may have about cannabis and exercise, Corey Phoenix Fitness shares some steps you should take.


Do Your Homework


CBD is one of the most commonly used cannabis products on the current market, and products with CBD may help with post-workout side effects like inflammation. In fact, recent researchsuggested that those who used CBD while exercising experienced reduced recovery periods and less physical discomfort after their workouts. Knowing basic terms and the effects cannabis products can have on your body is the first step in deciding whether using cannabis could boost your fitness routine. Some health professionals are actually prescribing CBD salves to help with exercise injuries, and many athletes claim that using it can promote muscle growth. However, it’s worth noting that the research to back up these claims doesn’t exist at this time.


You can pair these new cannabis-infused products with a fitness app to really ramp up your routine, even if you’re constantly on the move. Seven allows you to do HIIT routines with everyday items that are around you while still tailoring the routine to your current ability level. And Freeletics Bodyweight shows you how to use nothing but your own body to create a powerful routine.


Make Sure You’re Aware of Potential Risks and Side Effects


If you are mainly interested in using CBD to fuel your exercise regimen, you may be in luck. That’s because the World Health Organization states that CBD products pose no serious risks for the health of users and repeated use will not lead to problems with addiction.


CBD products are derived from hemp plants, which are quite different from those used to produce marijuana products. Hemp plants do not contain enough THC to produce a high, whereas marijuana plants do produce significant amounts of THC. Those differences are key to making an informed decision and also in understanding marijuana use may be riskier than utilizing CBD products. ​


Stress reduction and exercise are incredibly important to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Pairing CBD with these practices could be even more helpful, but don’t forget to use other natural remedies, too. It’s important to drink plenty of water daily, but especially during exercise, and spend time in nature. Being around trees and in the sun can lower your anxiety and increase your mood. You can even take advantage of the natural benefit by adding potted plants to your home environment; but being outside will get you the most benefit. ​

Ask For Professional Opinions Before You Use Any Health Supplement


Information regarding cannabis products and exercise is still rather murky. There is some promising research that suggests that CBD could enhance your fitness routine, but ultimately, the decision to use this supplement is up to you. If you’re having a tough time making your decision, conducting your own research is a good start.


You may also want to talk things over with your healthcare provider before you begin using CBD or other cannabis products. This will allow your doctor to make recommendations for screenings and follow-up exams that can rule out the potential for hazardous effects on your overall health. Your healthcare provider may also be able to refer you to a nearby dispensary where you can get help in deciding which dosages or delivery methods are best to achieve your desired health and wellness goals. For example, topical applications may be more beneficial for inflammation, while ingestion could be better for pain management.


Cannabis may have some promising potential when added to a health and fitness plan. Using CBD could help you recover faster, which is always a plus. Still, you have to treat cannabis just like any other supplement you are thinking of putting into or onto your body. So, do your own homework, ask your healthcare provider for advice, and proceed with care if you decide to try adding any hemp or marijuana products to your exercise and wellness routine. You can also join Corey Phoenix Fitness online or on site for some great exercise classes. Visit his website to learn more and to begin your sessions.


Photo Credit: Pexels

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